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Note: Send as e-card functionality is available from version 3.1074 of Asset Bank.
'Send as an e-card' functionality allows users to send an Image asset as an e-card.
To turn it on just change the setting in the
Please note that this will enable this feature for every Image asset.
The image actually sent as e-card is the previewimage (i.e. the 'Normal View' image on the asset page as shown above). You can decide the e-card image size (and watermarking) by tweaking the Image preview settings.
For example, this will result in a 600 pixel wide image on both asset preview and e-card, with watermark turned off on both:



Please note that the maximum recommended image width for the e-card is 600 pixels.
Before sending an e-card the user must insert their email address and the recipient's address in the form. There is also a field for the sender name and one for a short message to be included in the e-card. Finally there is also a Captcha to ensure a human is using this feature (see image below).
An example of an e-card email:

Changing the email template

You can make changes to the email template that is sent here:
Admin > Content > Email templates [edit] > send as e-card [edit]

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