Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

**Please note, this article is intended for those Asset Bank customers who have their site in the public domain and who actively want to drive traffic there. For many of our customers this article does not apply.

In order to increase your Asset Bank ranking on web site search engines, you need to ensure relevant keywords are mentioned throughout your site. Keywords in this case would be the words and phrases you would expect someone to use in a search engine to find your type of product or service.

You could achieve this by editing Asset Bank pages via the edit mode (Admin > Content > "Turn edit mode on"), and adding your keywords that way. You can also change page headings and browser titles via Admin > Content > Page Headings [edit] or Browser Titles [edit]. When a search engine (e.g. Google) ranks your site it will then take into account the frequency of these keywords. It will also add a weighting based on where the keywords appear (for example, keywords in page headings will have a higher value than the same keyword appearing in body text).

So you need to think about what keywords are relevant to the people who will type these into a search engine. You then need to ensure that these appear frequently within your site, especially in page titles and headings. This content should all read naturally and make sense to your users.

We recommend that you talk to a specialist Online Marketing/SEO company if you would like help with the above. They would also be able to advise you on more advanced techniques.

Finally, Asset Bank supports the use of Google Analytics, a useful tool in SEO especially when it comes to measuring the results of your efforts. You could use this to track what traffic you are getting from Google (it tells you the keywords people use to get to the site, etc.) and use this to help determine which keywords you need to improve on.

To turn on this support, you will need to ensure you have Asset Bank (version 3.426 or above) and then activate the Google Analytics function via the Asset Bank settings file.

The settings file can be found here:

<tomcat home>\webapps\asset-bank\WEB-INF\classes\

The setting you need to edit is as follows:

# If you wish to use Google Analytics enter your site ID here e.g.

google-analytics-id= UA-1234567-8

Once saved, you will need to then re-start the Asset Bank application in order for the setting to take effect.

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