Can I prevent search engine crawlers from filling up the session and asset view logs?

Sometimes search engine spidering can result in the session log and asset view database table filling up excessively.

If you would like to stop this happening there are a couple of options...

  1. Clear logs after a certain number of days - adjust the values of the clear-session-log-days and clear-asset-view-days settings to the number of days you want log information to be retained. So for instance setting both to 5 will result in the logs being cleared after 5 days.

  2. Prevent search engine crawlers from logging asset views - Update the setting asset-view-logging-exclusions to the value googlebot,bingbot,msnbot,yahoo,ask jeeves,baiduspider. This will result in any sessions that originated from major search engine bots being stopped from logging asset views.

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