Rights management using agreements

Asset Bank's agreement functionality enables users to choose a textual usage agreement for each asset, to specify its usage rights. These agreements have to be consented to before a user can download or use the asset.

When this functionality is enabled assets can be assigned to one of three states, 'restricted', 'agreement applies' and 'unrestricted':

1. Restricted - assets are highlighted in red in search/browse results. The level of restriction of these assets is controlled by the application settings and includes the ability for non admin users to be blocked from downloading them or seeing their preview images.

2. Agreement applies - assets are highlighted in yellow in search/browse results. These assets have an agreement associated with them that users have to confirm that they consent to (by clicking a checkbox) prior to downloading. The agreement attached to an asset is selected by an editor/admin user on the edit or upload page. The uploading user can select from a pool of existing agreements (created in the admin section) or, if they have permission to do so, can decide to create a new agreement specifically for the asset. The agreement is a text description of how the asset can be used if it is downloaded.

3. Unrestricted - assets are highlighted in green in search/browse results and are available to view/download for any users that have the right to do so (based on their permissions).

Please note that the search results do not have to be ‘colour coded' as described above - this can be controlled by the CSS.

To enable Asset Bank's ‘agreement' functionality, change the setting ‘agreements-enabled' to true.

This setting is found in the ApplicationSettings.properties file found here on the server where your Asset Bank is installed:


Once the change has been made, you will then need to re-start your Asset Bank web application for this change to be applied.

You will then be able to create the ‘agreements' in the admin area:

Admin > Agreements


Agreements text can be searched only form the advanced search page. The setting that controls this:

# Is agreement text searchable via the advanced search page? Can be 'true', 'false' or 'admin'

Note, agreement text is not currently searchable from the quick search on homepage or advanced search page.

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