Replacing the thumbnail if the automatically generated one is unsatisfactory

In some cases the automatically-generated thumbnails created by Asset Bank for certain file types are not satisfactory. For example, if the source file contains transparency on a white background then the resulting JPEG thumbnail might look all white.

If you want to be able to upload a representative image (e.g. a JPEG) to be used as the thumbnail, for example that looks exactly how you want the thumbnail to look, then you can configure Asset Bank to show a 'Thumbnail' field on the 'Edit Asset' page. This works the same way as it does for non-image file formats as described in How to use a representative image as thumbnail for asset that is showing a generic icon

The method to get around this involves changing a record in the database that explicitly allows 'thumbnail files' to be uploaded for the given file extension.

The statement needed is:

UPDATE FileFormat SET CanUploadThumbnail = 1 WHERE FileExtension = 'jpg';

Replace jpg with the file extension of your choice. Once you have uploaded an Asset you can edit it to replace the thumbnail.

N.B. this functionality can only be used if Asset Bank's substitute files feature (AKA working files) is turned off, i.e. in order to use this custom thumbnail feature you must have the following in


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