Renaming the Lightbox Feature

The Lightbox feature in Asset Bank allows you to collect and share assets.

If you would like to change the name of the Lightbox, throughout the site, then this can be done in the Admin > Content menu. For example you could choose to change it to 'Favourites', for example.

There are three snippets that you will need to update in Admin > Content. Use the search box on the right of the page to find and edit:

  • Term for the Lightbox
  • Plural Term for the Lightbox
  • Term for My Lightbox
  • Lowercase term for lightbox

Modifying these will update all the relevant references on Asset Bank to the Lightbox.

If you are making this change once you have users in your system with Lightboxes then it will not update the already created default lightbox for each user titled, 'My Lightbox' .

It is possible to do this but it must be done in the database. Please contact for any assistance with this.

If you are going to do this by yourself then please backup your database and run the below to find out the number of affected lightboxes:

SELECT count(*) FROM AssetBox WHERE Name="My Lightbox";

And then, to update the names (in this case to 'My Favourites') run:

UPDATE AssetBox SET Name="My Favourites" WHERE Name="My Lightbox";

The number of rows affected by the UPDATE should match the number returned by the SELECT

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