Reindexing assets on your Asset Bank

Asset Bank keeps track of assets and their attributes using an index. After some changes, you may need to rebuild this index to see the effect. This page explains how to run a reindex and also the difference between and online and offline reindex.

After making changes to asset attributes, you'll often need to reindex your assets for the changes to take effect. To do this, log into to your Asset bank as an admin users and navigate to:

Admin > Attributes > Manage Attributes

The link to run a reindex is in the top paragraph and called reindex existing items.

There are two options, online and offline.

Online Reindex

With an online reindex, the index for each asset is rebuilt individually. It makes the reindex process slower overall, but also means that the majority of your assets will be available while the process runs.

Offline Reindex

An offline reindex removes the index for all assets, and then as each asset is reindexed it will reappear in your Asset Bank. Although the process is faster, with an offline reindex your assets won't be available until they've been reindexed, therefore this type of reindex is more disruptive.

Please note that both types of reindex can take a long time to complete if you have a large number of assets.

Published: 9th October 2015

Applies to: All versions

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