Who receives an alert (email) when a user registers using the Registration page?

By default, every user who registers by filling out the form on the 'Registration' page must be approved. This logic can be changed, e.g. if you want users to be able to start using Asset Bank immediately, without approval, then changing this setting to true:


If this setting is false (the default) then after registering a user will not be able to login to Asset Bank until their registration has been approved by an admin user (or Org Unit admin user).

The logic for who receives the email alert, to notify them that a user is awaiting approval, is as follows:

  • If Org Units is being used, and the Org Unit dropdown is shown on the ‘Registration’ page, and the user registering selected an Org Unit, then all users in the 'Admin' group for this Org Unit will be emailed*.
  • Otherwise, all 'admin' users (superusers) will be emailed*.

Note that if a user register for an Org Unit then although only the Org Unit admin users will be emailed (i.e. and not the admin/super users) admin/super users will still see and be able to approve the user in Admin->Users.

* Please note that a user will only receive alert emails if they the "Receives alerts" checkbox ticked on their user profile, and if they have a valid email address.

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