How do I regenerate thumbnails?

Note: this article does not apply to Asset Bank version 3.1412 or higher.
Instead you would visit the following admin area of your Asset Bank: Admin > System > Developer > Thumbnails Regeneration

If you want to regenerate the thumbnails for one or more images then there is an action available to do this. A link to it is not provided anywhere (as it is intended for developers) so you need to manually edit the URL in the address bar in order to run it.

*Please note: Use with caution and only submit the URL once. Improper use may result in Asset Bank and or the server becoming unresponsive. If you host your Asset Bank with us please contact support for help with this instead.

The URL is as follows:


Where X is the Id of the image you want to regenerate thumbnails for.

You can regenerate thumbnails for a batch of images at once using the following:


Where X is the lowest Id of the batch and Y is the highest Id of the batch. (You can look at your recently added items to find out the highest id in your instance of Asset Bank.)

NB: If your users have created embedded (repurposed) versions of any of the assets which you are regenerating thumbnails for, then they will be emailed by the system to let them know that the assets may have changed.

Please also note that running a batch regeneration on a large number of assets could take some time, so your browser may time out or show an error page (this functionality was originally written for use only by our staff and does not have our usual level of error handling). However, the regeneration routine will still be running in the background so there is no need to keep this browser window open. If you start it overnight, then you should see the new thumbnails the next day. Remember to refresh your browser to ensure you are not viewing cached images.

By default video thumbnails are not regenerated by this action. This is because the user may have hand selected the video frame which they wish to use as the thumbnail image (this applies to version pre 3.1372.13, post that version video thumbnails are regenerated and user selected thumbnails are retained). This default can be overridden using the following format.


Where BOOL is set to either "false" or "0".

This will force video thumbnails to be regenerated. Video previews are regenerated by default.

For older assets, the thumbnail location stored in the database may be out of sync with the actual location. To solve this add &forceDatabaseSave=true to the end of the URL, for example:


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