How to show the Privacy Policy page in a popup available to non-logged-in users


The Privacy Policy page (action/viewPrivacy) is usually accessed via a link in the footer, which shows it as a regular page, i.e. including the header, navigation, and footer. This article explains how to link to this page so that it is shown in a popup window and how to make it accessible to users who are not logged in.

Showing the Privacy Policy in a popup window

Using the WYSIWYG content editor, select the text you want to be a link to the Privacy Page. Click the 'link' icon and then enter viewPrivacyPopup as the 'Link URL', select 'Open in a New Window' as the 'Target' and select 'help-popup' as the class (see screenshot below)

Enabling access to users who have not logged in

By default, if your Asset Bank is configured so that users have to log in to see the home page (i.e. the Public group has no permissions) then your Privacy Page is not available to users who have not logged in.

To enable non-logged-in users to view the Privacy Page in a popup, edit the file and add the following to the end of the 'login-actions' setting: ;/action/viewPrivacy

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