Can you explain the different platforms the application supports (e.g. Tomcat, SQL)?

There are three distinct layers to the architecture: database, application server and web server.

You’ll definitely need Tomcat and Java for the Java application server layer.

For the database layer, our recommendation is MySQL followed by Microsoft SQL Server. MySQL is free and we find it to give good performance and scalability. However if you have an SQL Server license and DBA skills available then that might influence your decision.

For the webserver layer, our recommendation is Apache web server followed by IIS. This is because Apache is easier to configure and integrate with Tomcat. The simplest option is to use Tomcat’s built in web server, which is adequate for the kind of usage that Asset Bank normally has. This is very easy to set up - you just have to change the default listen port to 80 rather than 8080.

More information about the windows installation is available at:

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