How Asset Bank treats PDF documents

Version note: prior to May 2008, by default Asset Bank treated PDFs as ‘documents‘ and showed the PDF icon in place of a thumbnail - this article is for system admin users who want to change that behaviour. This document is not relevant to installations using a release after May 2008, as Asset Bank now treats PDFs as images (or documents) automatically.

It is possible for Asset Bank to treat PDF documents as images, so that Asset Bank creates a thumbnail from the first page of the PDF and enables users to convert the PDF to different formats on download.

To change Asset Bank so that it treats PDF documents as images, run the following SQL command against the database:

UPDATE FileFormat SET AssetTypeId=2, IsConvertable=1 WHERE FileExtension=‘pdf‘; 

Please note: If you already have PDF files in your Asset Bank you will need to run the following two additional SQL commands and then regenerate your existing thumbnails

INSERT INTO ImageAsset (AssetId) SELECT a.Id from Asset a, FileFormat ff WHERE a.FileFormatId=ff.ID AND ff.FileExtension='PDF' AND a.AssetTypeId<>2;
UPDATE Asset a, FileFormat ff SET a.AssetTypeId=2 WHERE a.FileFormatId=ff.ID AND ff.FileExtension='PDF' AND a.AssetTypeId<>2;

Additional note: Previous versions of this article gave instructions on making PDF available as a download option. This has proved to be unreliable so we do not recommend making PDF a download option.

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