Configuring Password and Registration Page Options

Asset Bank password and related registration page options are as follows:

# Whether or not to show a 'captcha' image on the registration form, to help cut down on spam


# Use security questions for Forgotten Password functionality


(By default this is false, so users can simply request a new password and have a re-set password link sent to their email account. Setting to true means users have to answer a security question that was created when they set up their account prior to the secure password link being sent. Note, if no such security question exists, i.e. this was not configured at the time of user registration, then the user will be asked to set one up when they first use the forgotten password functionality).

# The number of failed login attempt before the user is locked out (0 means never lockout)


# The period of time which max-login-attempts are considered


# The number of hours before the locked out user will be unlocked automatically


# Require new users to specify a user in Asset Bank to approve them (prior to admin approval)


# Should the system force the user to select a strong password when they change their password

# The password must be at least 8 characters long, contain a number and contain a capital letter


# Force users to change password after specified number of days (specify 0 to disable)


Please note, LDAP users are treated differently and thus forgotten password, lockout after failed password attempts, etc. do not apply to them.

# Set to true if you want users to be able to select more than one group while registering. False indicates that only one group can be selected


# Set to true if you want users to be forced to select at least one group while registering


This concludes the current password and registration page features.

How to change the settings file:

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