How do I switch to the new home page layout

Please note:

  • Switching to the new home page layout requires a number of settings and configuration changes and is best done by the Asset Bank support team. If you are in our Customer Support programme then our standard fee for us to switch your Asset Bank from the 'classic' home page layout to the new 'large image' layout is £360, although we may charge more than this if your current home page has been significantly customised. If you are interested in switching then please contact us so we can provide a quote.
  • If you host your own Asset Bank and make the switch yourself, we will charge Time & Materials for any help you need during or after the process.
  • Some Asset Bank features are not supported with the new home page layout.
  • The new homepage layout is only available from versions 3.1581 onwards.

Settings changes

Making settings changes requires you to have access to the server and the ability to restart the web application. Read more about making settings changes .

The first setting you need to change to switch to the new layout is the 'homepage-layout' setting (the options for this setting are 'large_image' or 'classic', where 'large_image' is the new homepage layout):


To support the new layout we must also change the size of the images that Asset Bank generates for use on the home page. The following settings changes set the images to be at the optimum size for the 'large_image' home page layout.




It is also necessary to make the following settings changes to alter the layout of some of the homepage elements:


Once all of these settings changes are made and the application restarted your Asset Bank should be using the new layout.

Please check that the recommended sizes for image previews have been set including video preview sizes. Also ensure that MP4 video previews have been enabled.

Note that for the image size changes to take effect there is an extra step: logging into your Asset Bank as an admin user and regenerating the thumbnails. Read more about regenerating thumbnails.

Featured image

With the new layout the featured image on the homepage is much larger and has quite a different aspect ratio to the 'classic' layout. We recommend uploading an image asset with the following dimensions:

Optimum featured image size: 1035px wide by 410px tall.

It is also possible to specify a video asset as the featured asset. This will alter the layout slightly to show the video alongside the welcome text rather than underneath it. The available space for displaying the featured video is well suited to a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Learn more about featured assets .

Category images

You will not see the top level category panels until you have uploaded at least one thumbnail/category image. To do this go to Admin > Categories and click edit next to one of the categories. You will then see an 'Add image' field - simply use this to specify a thumbnail for that category. The thumbnail will be automatically cropped to 240px wide by 180px tall. For best results ensure your images are already at these dimensions.

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