How to change the Default Published Lightbox Location using Symbolic Links

By default Asset Bank stores published light boxes in the following location:

[Tomcat Home]\webapps\asset-bank\images\assetbox

Sometimes this can cause disk space problems if the published lightboxes grow in size or if a large number are created. The following instructions cover how to move the published lightboxes to a new location and then relink them to Asset Bank without changing the default publishing location.

Note as we recommend stopping Tomcat whilst moving the lightboxes, users will have no access to your Asset Bank until it is restarted.


For Example: Moving the lightboxes from




1. Stop the Tomcat service from the Services control panel.

2. Move the AssetBox folder to the new location (e.g. D\NewDrive).

3. On Server 2008 and newer, you can create a symbolic link using the command line program mklink with the /D flag:

mklink /D C:\Tomcat\webapps\asset-bank\images\assetbox D:\NewDrive\assetbox 

4. Restart the tomcat service from the Services control panel.

Linux & OS X

On Linux the default Tomcat location is:


On OS X, assuming you installed Tomcat via MacPorts the default Tomcat location is:


1. Stop the Tomcat service.

2. Move the AssetBox folder to the new location (replace /new/location with the desired destination for your published lightboxes):

mv [Tomcat Home]/webapps/asset-bank/images/assetbox /new/location 

3. Create a symbolic link pointing to the default location:

ln -s  /new/location [Tomcat Home]/webapps/asset-bank/images/assetbox 

4. Restart the Tomcat service.

Once Tomcat is running, you should verify that the existing published lightboxes are still accessible, and test that the publishing action will complete as expected in future.

You may also refer to the publishing admin help page.

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