How to move the index directory

By default, Asset Bank's 'index' directory is located in a directory called 'index' within the webapp (for example, [tomcat]/webapps/asset-bank/index).

If you want to change the location of this directory then follow the steps below.

Please note: it is important for search performance that read/write access to the index directory is fast. For this reason we recommend that the index directory is on a disk local to the server, i.e. not a network drive.

  • Stop Tomcat.
  • Move the 'index' directory to its new location.
  • Open and change the setting 'useRelativeDirectories' to false. This tells Asset Bank that the settings you will change next (detailed below) will be absolute paths, i.e. not relative to the webapp.
  • Look for the setting 'index-directory'. At present this will be set to 'index'. Change to be the absolute path to the new index directory. You can use / as the directory separator even on Windows. Note that if you do use \ then you need to double them up as \ is the escape char in properties files. Examples:



  • Change the setting 'bulk-upload-directory' to the absolute path of the 'bulk upload' directory. This is usually [tomcat]/webapps/asset-bank/bulk-upload, where [tomcat] is the path to the directory in which Tomcat is installed. This step is necessary as the existing setting value will be relative to the webapp.
  • Change the setting 'bulk-upload-processed-directory' to the absolute path of the 'bulk upload processed' directory, if you are using this. This is usually [tomcat]/webapps/asset-bank/bulk-upload-processed
  • Save changes to
  • Restart Tomcat

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