How can I specify a different logo and welcome text depending on the folders or categories a user can see?

Asset Bank has functionality which allows the image from a category or folder to be used as the logo. In addition to this the category or folder's description will be used as the welcome text that a user sees on the homepage.

The category or folder that is used will depend on the user's permissions. It will be the top level category or folder that the user has permission to view or download from that is used. This allows you to split up Asset Bank into different sections by adding folders and then users see the appropriate branding. Please note that if Asset Bank contains only folders then the branding will be based upon the folders.

If Asset bank contains both folders and categories then the branding will be based upon categories. If a user has permission to see everything (e.g. admin users) they will see the default look and feel.

This functionality can be enabled by setting category-image-used-for-logo=true. Appropriate folders or categories should then be setup and assigned an image and an appropriate description to be used for the welcome text.

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