I have a valid license but the application is claiming it is invalid (Linux)

When Asset Bank starts up it checks to see if the IP address in the license file matches that of the server.

If you have installed Asset Bank on Linux and have a valid license but you are seeing a message 'the license is invalid' then it may be that Asset Bank is not able to retrieve the IP address of the server.

This could be because the server is returning as its IP address, e.g. if there is an entry in the hosts file pointing the hostname to this address.

Step 1: See if you need to set the host name

Check the server's hostname by running "hostname" from a shell prompt. If this returns "localhost" or "localhost.localdomain" then you need to set the host name.

To set the host name, edit /etc/sysconfig/network and set HOSTNAME to the host name of the server, for example:


To activate this setting you need to reboot the server, or use the hostname command: hostname imagelibrary.mycompany.co.uk

Run "hostname" to check that the setting has been applied:

[root@imagelibrary ~]# hostname


Step 2: Update the host file

Edit the server's host file (usually in /etc/hosts).

Check to see if there is an entry for the server's hostname that is set to If there is then either delete this entry (i.e. so your DNS server is used) or edit this entry to include the IP address of the server.

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