Why is the layout of the search results page strange?


The layout of the search results page and browse page is odd - for example some of the rows contain fewer items that others, and/or spaces and gaps.


Each item in the results is shown within a bordered rectangle, using a style sheet to define the size of the rectangle. If there is too much content (for example attribute values) to fit for a particular item then the rectangle (for that item) will be automatically enlarged, to prevent the text from running over the border. This will probably mean that the rectangle for that item is different in size from the rectangle of the other items on the page. This affects the layout - usually introducing gaps and spaces.


There are two solutions to this problem - chose which suits your requirements best.

  1. Change the CSS so that the default size of the rectangle is larger (it would need to be at least as large as the largest one you need to fit in the content). If we host your Asset Bank then please contact our support team as we will need to change the CSS file for you.
  2. Change the amount of content you show for each item. You can do this by going to Admin->Attributes->Display Attributes and configuring the attributes that are shown in the search and browse results. Tip: for potentially large attributes, such as 'Description', it is advisable to put a limit on the number of characters shown in the search/browse results (for example, enter 50 to limit it to 50 characters). Once this limit has been reached ... will be shown to indicate there is more text than can be shown.

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