How can I ingest a folder structure of assets?

Note: In older versions of Asset Bank 'folders' were called 'access levels'

1/ Change the following to true in the settings file:


How to change the settings file.

2/ Then re-start the web app for this change to be picked up.

3/ Now, copy the folder structure into your Bulk Upload directory, e.g. if using the admin account, upload your directory structure to this location - note you should also add an 'upload' folder shown here in bold:


E.g. see the screenshot below where I want to upload a structure starting "Top Level Category 1...". So I created an "upload" folder in the admin bulk upload area, then dropped my files in there.

4/ Log into Asset Bank to start the ingest process:

Click on

Upload > Bulk Upload > "Start new Bulk Upload"

Then click

"Next >>" (as shown in the screenshot below)

5/ On the next screen you should now choose the 'upload' folder from the 'Import assets from a directory' drop down list at the top of the page. This is shown in the image below.

Enter any metadata if appropriate on this page.

Do not add any categories though as this will be generated based on the folder structure within 'upload'.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Start Import".

Your assets will now be ingested and the folder structure within 'upload' will be converted to categories, placing the assets into the right location in Asset Bank. In recent versions of Asset Bank then if your Asset Bank is setup to use folders as Categories then the folder structure will be converted to folders and the assets will be placed in the appropriate location.

If your Asset Bank is configured to not have categories (i.e. it is setup to use folders only) then this setting will import the hierarchy to a folder structure rather than to a category structure. Top level folders will be restrictive while children will inherit permissions from their parent. The user doing the import will still have to select a folder on the import metadata page - this will be used as a fallback for any assets in the import that don't have an assigned folder.

Perhaps start with a few test files to ensure you understand the process.

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