Show thumbnails for InDesign documents (indd files)

It is possible for Asset Bank to create thumbnails from the first page of an InDesign document (files with extension .indd).

There are some limitations to this functionality, namely:

  • You need to be using Asset Bank's In Design Editor plug-in to generate preview thumbnails for .indd files. This plugin is a premium feature and can be purchased separately. Please see this article for more information.
  • The indd file needs to have a preview image stored within it (technically, in its xmp:pageimage metadata). This usually means that the user who saved the indd file in InDesign needs to have left the checkbox 'Always Save Preview Images with Documents' checked (it is checked by default).
  • It has been tested with indd files created by InDesign CS5 and CS5.5. While we expect it to work with new versions (as Adobe release them in the future) we can't guarantee it. Likewise, it may not work with indd files created with older versions.
  • You may need an upgrade to your Asset Bank (this functionality was added in Asset Bank version 3.1113.)
If Asset Bank cannot extract and use the preview image for a particular indd file then it will default to showing an icon for the asset.
To enable this functionality:
  • Ensure that you have Asset Bank version 3.1113 or above.
  • If your Asset Bank current does not show icons for indd files, run this statement against your database:
INSERT INTO FileFormat (Id, Name, Description, FileExtension, AssetTypeId, IsIndexable, IsConvertable, IsConversionTarget, ThumbnailFileLocation, ContentType, ConverterClass) VALUES (210,'INDD','Adobe InDesign Document','indd',1,0,0,0,'thumbnails/indesign_icon.gif','application/indesign', 'com.bright.assetbank.converter.InddToJpgConverter');

  • If your Asset Bank currently shows icons for indd files, and you want it to generate thumbnails, run this statement against your database:
UPDATE FileFormat SET ConverterClass='com.bright.assetbank.converter.InddToJpgConverter' WHERE Id=210;

Please note that this change will mean that thumbnails are generated for InDesign files uploaded after the change is made. It will not cause thumbnails to be generated for files already in Asset Bank. If you already have InDesign files in Asset Bank which do not have thumbnails please contact us for advice.

For help configuring this functionality please contact our support team.

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