Show icons for InDesign documents (indd files)

If your Asset Bank shows a generic (white) icon for indd files and you want it to show an icon that is specific to indd files then run the following statements against your database.

  • INSERT INTO FileFormat (Id, Name, Description, FileExtension, AssetTypeId, IsIndexable, IsConvertable, IsConversionTarget, ThumbnailFileLocation, ContentType) VALUES (210,'INDD','Adobe InDesign Document','indd',1,0,0,0,'thumbnails/indesign_icon.gif','application/indesign');
  • UPDATE Asset SET SmallFileLocation=null, MediumFileLocation=null, ThumbnailFileLocation=NULL WHERE lower(right(OriginalFilename,4))='indd';
The second statement uses the rightfunction, which will work on MySQL and SQLServer.
Note: the above will show iconsfor indd files. If you want to show thumbnails generated from an image within the indd file itself then see: Show thumbnails for InDesign documents

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