I'm having problems with the Asset Bank Installer

Here are some instructions for installing Asset Bank manually on a Windows workstation or server.

These instructions are meant to replace section 3 of the install instructions at http://www.assetbank.co.uk/support/documentation/install/install_windows.html.

I’ll use [tomcat] to denote your tomcat home directory, and [programfiles] for your Program Files directory.

1. Download the webapp zip file: http://www.assetbank.co.uk/download/install/asset-bank.zip

Unzip this to create a folder called asset-bank, which should contain several directories (if it contains just another ‘asset-bank’ directory then that is the one you want).

Move the asset-bank directory into [tomcat]/webapps (delete the existing one if the installer put one there).

2. Delete the ImageMagick folder from under [programfiles], in case you have one there that the installer created.

3. Install ImageMagick from the 3rd party site .

Download ImageMagick-6.5.4-6-Q16-windows-dll.exe (or the latest version). Run this and follow the instructions to install it into your [programfiles] directory, with the following changes from default.

  • Make sure you install ImageMagick to ‘C:\Program Files\ImageMagick’ – this is different from the default that the installer suggests, but Asset Bank is configured to look for it there.
  • In ‘Additional Tasks’, make sure ‘Add application directory to your system path’ remains ticked.

4. Add the following to the PATH variable on your machine (My Computer > Properties > Advanced > Environment Variables. Path is in the bottom under System Variables. Add a semicolon plus the following (you need to expand [tomcat]):


Now you can carry on with the instructions in http://www.assetbank.co.uk/support/documentation/install/install_windows.html , from section 4

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