IIS - Bad Gateway


User sees 'Bad Gateway!' error.

OR the following error appears in isapi.log:

[Wed Aug 06 10:28:52.218 2014] [2608:3768] [error] ajp_connection_tcp_get_message::jk_ajp_common.c (1133): wrong message format 0x0a0d from

OR issues with an Asset Bank using IIS after an Asset Bank upgrade (upgrades often cause pages to be larger and this issue is triggered by data size).

Relevant to

This article is relevant if you use IIS, the ISAPI filter and the Tomcat AJP1.3 connector (i.e. as recommended in our Windows installation instructions).


Tomcat AJP 1.3 connector's packet size has been set too high - the maximum valid value is 65536. An earlier version of https://www.assetbank.co.uk/go/knowledgebase/iis-request-too-large.html incorrectly suggested setting this too high.


Ensure the packet size is not greater than 65536 as advised on the aforementioned Knowledge Base article.

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