How do I add the Asset Bank app to my OneLogin account?

  1. Login as admin into your OneLogin account and click on "Apps > Add Apps"

  2. In the search box, start typing "asset bank" and select the Asset Bank app.
    Assign a "Display Name" and save the app.

  3. From the "Configuration" tab insert your Asset Bank domain name

  4. From the "Parameters" tab you can change which value is passed as user group data.
    The default is the Active Directory "MemberOf" but you can pass any other user field (e.g. Department) and map the related values in Asset Bank's Remote Groups so that users will be automatically assigned to any matching user group.

  5. Assign the app to users in your company following this article:

  6. Under the "SSO" tab copy your "Issuer URL" and send it to the Customer Service team if you are hosted with us.

    Alternatively, if you manage your own server, please get in touch with the Customer Service team to receive further instructions.

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