How do I add the Asset Bank app to my Okta account?

  1. Login to Okta as an admin user and access your Admin area.
    From the Applications page click on Add Application

  2. Type "Asset Bank" in the search bar and click on Add

  3. On step 1 type your Asset Bank "Base URL" (see example on the page)

  4. On step 2 you can assign the app to people in your company.
    Click done and finish adding the app, you can assign more people/groups later on

  5. From the "Sign On" tab you can configure the app to pass user groups data to Asset Bank in order to use the Remote Groups functionality.
    By choosing "Regex" from the dropdown and setting the value ".*" it will match, and therefore send, any group the user is in.

  6. From the "Sign On" tab retrieve your metadata URL (copy the link showed in the image below) and send it to the Customer Service team if you are hosted with us.

    Alternatively, if you manage your own server, please get in touch with Customer Service team to receive further instructions.

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