FTP Upload Server Setup

If you want to permit users to upload via ftp you will need to enable and configure FTP on the server. There are several options here including using IIS.

FTP upload follows the same mechanism as normal in-browser bulk upload.

  1. Files are uploaded to the server
  2. Asset attributes are applied to the uploaded set of files.

The only difference is how the files are uploaded to the server.

You can enable FTP upload by enabling the following setting:


The following setting specifies the root directory Asset Bank will look for files (it doesn't matter to Asset Bank if they have been uploaded via the browser or FTP uploaded with a stand-alone FTP client).


Security tip: It is a good idea to set this to a path with the ftp user home directory and jail that user to their home directory. On linux, the directory may be symbolic link to the directory within the ftp user home.

If the current logged in username is peter, then the expected directory will be:


The following settings allow you to configure the ftp user:


As the files for bulk upload stay in a user‘s bulk upload area for a short length of time, it is usually sufficiently secure (and much simpler) to use only one FTP user.

On Linux the user running Tomcat must have permission to read and delete the files uploaded by the FTP user. Configure your FTP server and groups accordingly.

Lastly, set the following setting accordingly:


Tomcat will take responsibility for creating all user sub directories within the bulk directory path.


The FTP server is responsible for creating the sub directories - Tomcat will not do it.

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