How can I filter users by groups in Active Directory?

Use the property ad-user-search-criteria in to filter the users imported into Asset Bank.

For example, suppose you want to only import users from one group called 'Asset Bank Users':

ad-user-search-criteria=(&(mail=*)(objectClass=user)(memberOf=CN=Asset Bank Users,CN=Users,DC=domain1,DC=bright-interactive,DC=com))

Or if you want to import users from two groups, 'Asset Bank Users' and 'Asset Bank Uploaders':

ad-user-search-criteria=(&(mail=*)(objectClass=user)(|(memberOf=CN=Asset Bank Users,CN=Users,DC=domain1,DC=bright-interactive,DC=com)(memberOf=CN=Asset Bank Uploaders,CN=Users,DC=domain1,DC=bright-interactive,DC=com)))

For more examples of the Active Directory search syntax, see:

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