How do I check whether or not a user has the correct download permissions for a particular asset?

Note: In older versions of Asset Bank 'folders' were called 'access levels'
There are two methods for this.
The first is easiest. If you log in as an admin user and then bring up the details of the user in question via:
Admin > Users (use the search function to find the user)
You should now see the following link on this page next to the user: [login as this user]
This enables an admin to quickly gain the permissions of the user in question, making it easy to see what they see and to troubleshoot from there.
Alternatively, if you would like to understand the mechanics behind what a user can and cannot see or download, then the following instructions should help.
First you need to log in as an admin user and then cross check the folders for that asset, with the folder permissions of the group(s) the user is in.
Step by step instructions are as follows:

1. Go to the view asset page for the assets in question
2. Look down the list of attributes to see what folders the asset is in and make a note of these
3. Now you need to see what permissions the user in question has for this folder. First find out what group(s) they are in.

You can do this via:

Admin > Users (find the user using the search tools), then click on [edit]. You will now be able to see which group(s) they are in, note these down. By default, this will include the “*Logged-in users” group (every person with a user account is a member of this group) - See Figure 2.
Figure 2 – this user is a member of two groups
4. Finally, open up the ‘Groups’ in question and see what this user has rights to do for the asset from Step 1.
(Note, if a user is in two groups, then they will inherit the most open permissions of each.)
See Figures 3 & 4 below.
Figure 3 – ‘*Logged-in Users’ group
As you can see for Figure 3, members of this ‘*Logged-in Users’ group alone cannot even view assets that are in the ‘Restricted Access’ folder (‘Download Permission’ 0 is set). They can however download assets that are in the ‘Universal’ folder (‘Download Permission’ 3 is set).
Figure 4 – The permissions for the ‘Allow Restricted’ group
As you can see form Figure 4 above, members of the ‘Allow Restricted’ group have download permission 2 set for assets in the ‘Restricted Access’ folder. So people in this group can both view and request permission for download of assets in the ‘Restricted’ folder.
So in summary, for the example above, Amy will be able to view asset ID 451. She will also be able to request permission for download of this asset. The Asset Bank administrators will then be able to grant or deny permission to Amy.
Read more about folders and groups on the pages here:

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