How do I turn off email notifications?

For an individual admin user you need to log in and go to Admin > Users and then find your account. Then click on the [edit] link.

You should now ensure that 'Receives alerts:' is not ticked, see figure 1.

Figure 1 - Receives alerts

To turn off email notifications globally (i.e. for all users/admins), we have introduced a new feature in version 3.667 of the software.
To disable email templates you will need to select the appropriate email template and click on the [edit] link. You will then see an 'Enabled?' tick box, see figure 2. Once un-ticked and saved, this will stop the email template from sending any emails.

Figure 2 - Edit email templates

You can also optionally choose to 'hide' these emails from the list visible from: Admin > Content > Email templates. Click on the [hide] link to do this (see figure 3). Note, you can later add such hidden emails back into this list via the 'View hidden templates>>' link at the bottom of this page.

Figure 3 - Manage content area

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