Why am I not receiving emails to notify me that I have assets to approve?

Note: In older versions of Asset Bank 'folders' were called 'access levels'

Users will receive email alerts from Asset Bank only if they have the 'Receives alerts' checkbox checked in their 'user details'.

To change this for a particular user, you need to be an admin user. Go to Admin > Users (find the user using the search tools), then click on [edit].
You should now ensure the tick box for ‘Receives alerts:’ has been selected (see figure 1) and click save.

Figure 1 - Receives alerts

If the user is still not receiving email notifications to alert them that assets are awaiting approval then this may be because they are an admin user and a Group has been set up with permissions to approve downloads.

If you have set up a Group to approve downloads and this group contains at least one user who has ‘receives alerts’ set to true then it Asset Bank stops emailing the admin users (as the assumption is that you have set up a group specifically, so admin users may not want to get these alerts).

To check this go to each group via Admin > Groups > [folders]

If any group has 'Approve upload' or 'Approve downloads' set (see figure 2), then the members of this Group are the people who will receive alerts and approve these assets, rather than administrators.

Figure 2 - Download & upload permissions

If you do in fact want admin users to receive alerts then you can get round this by adding the email addresses of the 'admin' users explicitly to the 'To' field of the relevant email template.

For example, to ensure that an admin user with email address admin-user@test.com receives alerts as well as users in an 'approvers' Group:

  • Go to Admin->Content->Email Templates
  • Click 'edit' next to the template called 'admin alert approvals'
  • Add 'admin-user@test.com' to the 'To' field, i,e. so it looks like this:


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