Is my featured image cropped incorrectly?

It is possible to select an image to be used in the top right featured area of the Asset Bank homepage that does not look right. On occasion clients think that this is due to the crop being incorrect (i.e. the image looks cut off horizontally or vertically and does not fit the space as it should).
The main reason for this tends to be the image that was selected. E.g. an image that itself has a white border which blends in with the background colour of the homepage. An easy way to confirm if this is the case is to right click the image and inspect it (e.g. in Google). You should then see the actual area the image covers. Alternatively, click on the image itself and see if it has a white border on the asset details page.
Here is an example where it looks like Asset Bank has failed to crop the image correctly on the homepage.
But when you step through to the image on the asset details page you can see that it actually has a white border, so the homepage crop is correct.
We suggest you use a different featured image if this happens.

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