How do I export images and selected metadata into an Excel file?

1/ If you only want to export some attributes, then create and export template

First, if you only want to export a sub-set of all possible metadata fields you need to create an Export Attribute Template.
You do this by going to:
Admin > Attributes > Display Attributes (tab) > Exporting (tab)
  • Click "Add a new attribute template >>"
  • Give it a name and save it.
  • Then click [configure]
  • You can now choose the attributes you want to export when this template is chosen.
  • There is no need to save this as it saves as it progresses.

2/ Now decide on the size of the images to be added to the Excel spreadsheet

Note, before the options to export images will appear, you first need to configure this via Admin > Download Options.

You can only export JPG or PNG files to Excel as this is all it supports. You also probably do not want to export high resolution (large) files to the spreadsheet.
Users typically configure a small RGB download option for this purpose.
Alternatively, if you already have a web download option set up, then you can just edit this to activate it as follows:
Go to:
  • Admin > Download Options > Website [edit]
  • Then tick "Show formats on export:"
Then click 'Save.
Note, if no download options have this ticked, then you will not have any option to export images on the metadata export page.
To test this is set up as expected:
  • Run a search
  • On the results page click 'More actions' and select 'Export all results'.
You should now be able to:
  • select the Attribute template
  • export to native Excel
  • chose the size of the images to be inserted
This is shown below.

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