Error when importing from zip files


I upload a zip file and then try to import from it on the 'bulk upload' page. It doesn't work - either the bulk upload process hangs (pre Asset Bank version 3.56) or I see an error 'java.lang.OutOfMemoryError'.


This issue is caused by a bug in Java. It is fixed in Java 1.6 (and may be fixed in the higher versions of Java 1.5).


  • Upgrade Java to version 1.6. Please note that you need Asset Bank version 3.56 or higher to use Java 1.6. If you need to upgrade and you have joined our Customer Support programme, please contact us to receive the upgrade. If your Asset Bank is hosted by us then please contact us.


If you are not able to upgrade your version of Java, or you want a quick solution, the following will work:

  • Don't zip up your images (and other assets) before transferring them to your bulk upload area - simply drag and drop the asset files (or even a directory containing the files). The bulk upload facility works with directories of files as well as files that are just in the top-level of your bulk upload area.

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