EPS images - colours are wrong


The colours in the preview images and converted versions (e.g. when downloaded as a JPEG) of some EPS assets are different from the colours in the original EPS.


Asset Bank uses Ghostscript to convert EPS images to different formats. If an EPS file has been saved with the ‘PostScript Color Management’ option then Ghostscript cannot load the image’s colour profile, which it needs to do in order to accurately convert to an RGB image (when Asset Bank is creating the JPEG).


Make sure that when you save an EPS file the 'PostScript Color Management’ option is NOT selected. Note the following advice from Adobe: “Do not select this option if you plan to place the image in another colour-managed document.”

If you have existing EPS assets in your Asset Bank that are exhibiting this problem then they can be corrected as follows:

  • Download the source EPS file from Asset Bank.
  • Edit in an editor, for example Photoshop.
  • In Photoshop, select 'Save As...', and then 'Save'. Select 'OK' to save with the same filename. In the next dialog, 'EPS Options', uncheck the checkbox labelled 'PostScript Color Management’. Click 'OK'.
  • In Asset Bank, click 'Edit' on the 'Asset Details' page of the asset and then upload the resaved EPS file into the 'File' attribute. Save the asset.

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