How do I enable and configure internal user messaging?

Internal user messages are an alternative to email messages. Certain Asset Bank functions utilise this feature to notify users on relevant Asset Bank events.

It is enabled and configured by making changes to the settings file (

The relevant properties in ApplicationSettings are:

# Setting to switch on internal user messages. New internal user messages are displayed on the user's home page and a 'Messages' link provided in the top right of Asset Bank.


# The number of messages to display in inc_messages_panel.jsp on the home page


# The position of the archive tab in inc_user_messages_tabs.jsp used in user_messages_list.jsp

# Valid values are 'left' or 'right', any other value will disable the tab.


A user message is created from a Message Template. To modify a Message Template, log in to your Asset Bank as an admin user and go to Admin->Content->Message Templates.

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