Enabling Asset Types when Assets Already Exist

This article describes how to enable Asset Types when your Asset Bank already contains some assets. Only applies to versions of Asset Bank with the asset-entities-enabled setting and clients that have a license that permits them to use the Asset Types functionality.


Edit asset-bank/WEB-INF/classes/ApplicationSettings.properties and set asset-entities-enabled=true.

Restart Asset Bank (this is usually done by restarting the Apache Tomcat service).

Log in to Asset Bank as an admin user.

Go to Admin -> Asset Types and create an Asset Type.

Find out the ID of the Asset Type you just created by running the following SQL query against the database:

SELECT Id FROM AssetEntity; 

Update all of the existing assets to be of that Asset Type by running the following SQL, replacing <asset type id> with the ID obtained from the previous query:

UPDATE Asset SET AssetEntityId = <asset type id>; 

In the application, perform a reindex by going to Admin -> Attributes -> reindex existing items.

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