Storing Embedded resources

When asset or slideshow "embedding" is enabled you can configure where Asset Bank stores your embedded resources using the instructions for Embeddable Asset and Embeddable Slideshow
Note: we recommend that the repurposed (embedding) directory is outside of the Asset Bank webapp directory (which is the default location). This is to ensure exclusion of this folder when running a back-up of the web app.
Use the repurposed-file-base-path setting for Embeddable Slideshow or the Local Path for Embeddable Asset's storage device.
Note: we recommend having a web server or IIS serve up the repurposed files directly (rather than via Tomcat) to avoid a dependency on Asset Bank.
Use the repurposed-file-base-url setting for Embeddable Slideshow or theBase Url Overridefor Embeddable Asset's storage device.

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