Can Asset Bank warn me when I'm uploading a duplicate asset?

To setup Asset Bank to warn you when you upload a potentially duplicate asset to your system update the duplicate-file-check-on-upload setting to true in your file and restart your Asset Bank.

The duplicate asset warning will be present on both single and bulk upload (it currently isn't supported on the workbench).

  • Single Upload: If you upload an asset via the single upload page Asset Bank will check the existing assets for any potential duplicates. If any are found a page will be display prior to entering metadata that shows the potential duplicates and offers the user the option of either continuing with the current upload (and marking the potential duplicates and the new upload as 'non duplicates) or cancelling the current upload.
  • Bulk Upload: After performing a bulk upload the system will check for any potential duplicates of any of the assets that were uploaded. If found then a new warning will be displayed on the bulk upload success page that explains that potential duplicates were found and gives a link to resolve the duplicates. Following this link will take the user to a page that lists the uploaded assets and any potential duplicates and for each asset offers the user the option of either deleting the uploaded asset or marking it (and the duplicate assets found) as 'non duplicates'. For any uploaded assets that were deleted the system will provide bulk and batch update links (again on the bulk upload success page) to enable the user to change the metadata associated with the duplicate assets if required.
Duplicate assets are determined using the same logic that is used for the Admin > Reports > Asset Reports > Duplicate Assets Report. The logic that is used for the report and the check is defined by application settings. The first duplicate-asset-check-type setting has 4 options:
  • Filename: This option means that files are compared solely on their original filename. Two files both called Test.jpg would be considered duplicates even if their filesize was different.
  • Filesize: This option means that files are compared solely on their filesize. Two files both of 500k in size would be considered duplicate even if their filename or file extension was different.
  • Both: This option compares both the filesize and filenames. Two files would only be considered duplicate if they had the same filesize and filename.
  • Threshold: This option is the same as Both but the filesize check is only taken into account for files above a certain size threshold. Files beneath the size threshold will be determined to be duplicate solely on their original filename. The size to be used for the threshold check is defined in the setting duplicate-asset-size-threshold

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