How do I allow downloads directly from search and browse pages?

To allow users to download multiple assets without first adding them to their lightbox assign a value of greater than 0 to the following setting. The value will define the maximum number of assets a user can download using this method. To disable this functionality set the value to 0.


When enabled checkboxes will be show by each asset on the browse and search results pages. Users can select a specific set of assets or use the links provided to select all assets on the page, or all assets in the category/results.

Once selected the user can proceed using the download button. Child assets will be included in the download if configured to do so in the asset types. If the file extension of all the selected files are included in the direct download list and the user has download original permissions, the files will be downloaded directly. Otherwise the user will be sent to the standard download page to pick their usage type and download options. Once there the user can opt to combine any PDFs in the download if enabled or merge the assets into a PowerPoint presentation.


  • The checkbox for selecting each asset will appear regardless of the permissions a user has on an asset. If a user cannot download any of the selected assets a warning message will be shown and they will remain on the browse/search page. If they can only download some of the assets they download will proceed but they will be informed that the zip file will only contain the assets they have download permission on.
  • The setting download-selected-limit defines the maximum number of assets which can be downloaded from searches/browses. If a user selects more than this limit a popup is shown asking them if they want to proceed downloading the first x items. Only the first x items a user has download permission on will be included in the zip.
  • A user can select all assets on the current browse/search page, specific assets on the browse/search page and all assets across all browse/search pages but cannot select specific assets across multiple pages.
  • If the PDF extension is listed in the direct downloads and combine PDFs is enabled they cannot not be combined when downloaded from the search/browse pages. To combine PDFs when Asset Bank is configured in this way users will need to first add them to their lightbox.

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