Direct download for certain file types

For certain file types you may want users to view their browser's 'save' dialog as soon as they click the download button, i.e. without them having to go through the 'download' page.

To configure this, change the following setting to add the extensions of the file types for which you want this to happen (using , as the delimiter):


For example, if you want Word and PDF documents to be downloaded immediately (when the user clicks the 'download' button) then change the setting as follows:


Note that the download will still be recorded for tracking purposes, i.e. the download will appear in the admin reports and in the 'item usage' popup.

When downloading a lightbox, the logic is as follows:

  • If all of the assets to be downloaded have files with 'direct download' extensions (i.e. appearing in the setting direct-download-file-types) AND the user has permission to download the source file ('download original' permission), then the usual 'download lightbox' page will be skipped and the user will be taken directly to the page that prepares the zip file and then presents it.
  • Otherwise, i.e. if there is one or more assets with extensions that are not 'direct download' OR the user does not have 'download original' permission on one or more of the assets, then the user will see the 'download lightbox' page as usual.

See also: Can users view a Word or PDF document without going to the download page?

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