Custom skins and the customise directory

What is a custom skin?

A custom skin is how we refer to the files that make up the custom look and feel of your Asset Bank directory. The majority of Asset Bank skins are made up of just four files:

  • [asset-bank]/css/standard/colour-scheme.css
  • [asset-bank]/images/standard/<YOUR-LOGO>.png
  • [asset-bank]/images/standard/watermark.png
  • [asset-bank]/jsp/standard/en/customisation/logo-link.jsp

What can be customised?

  • Logo: This will be displayed in the top left corner of your Asset bank and on your published lightbox page. Please supply us with a high res png or vector file so we can apply this
  • Watermark: Asset bank can apply a watermark to every asset preview, this is normally based on your supplied logo (monochromatic version of the logo). The position and opacity are configurable in the settings file.
  • Fonts: By default Asset Bank uses either "Helvetica Neue / Helvetica". We can change this to another websafe font or if supplied another custom font (depending on the amount of font changes required this may have an additional charge associated with it).
  • Colours: We can change: primary font colour, primary link colour, heading (h1,h2 etc.) colours, button colour, header background colour (typically we leave this white as it reduces visual noise and is cleaner), homepage search panel colour.
  • Other Colours: It is also possible to change some other colours in Asset Bank depending on your needs, however these may have an additional charge depending on the number of changes.
  • Login Background Image: Your asset bank is configurable with one or more images that can be uploaded to the login screen.
  • Category Thumbnails: Clients often add images to top level categories to help visually communicate their contents. You can set these via Admin > Categories > 'Category in question' > Edit > 'Choose file'.

The 'customise' directory

The purpose of the customise directory is a place to keep a copy of your custom skin files so that your custom skin can be reapplied after an upgrade. During an upgrade all css, images and jsp files are overwritten then the custom skin is reapplied by copying the contents of the customise directory into the root of the webapp. The customise directory can also be applied manually at any point by clicking the 'Overwrite' button:

  1. Login in to Asset Bank as an admin user.
  2. Go to Admin -> System -> Developer
  3. Click the 'Overwrite' button to copy across your customised files into the main application.
  4. Go to the home page and refresh your browser. Your customisations have been applied.
For this overwite process to work then the files within customise need to be stored in the same folder structure as the root of the webapp, i.e:
  • [asset-bank]/WEB-INF/manager-config/updater/customise/css/standard/colour-scheme.css
  • [asset-bank]/WEB-INF/manager-config/updater/customise/images/standard/<YOUR-LOGO>.png
  • [asset-bank]/WEB-INF/manager-config/updater/customise/images/standard/watermark.png
  • [asset-bank]/WEB-INF/manager-config/updater/customise/jsp/standard/en/customisation/logo-link.jsp
If your customise directory is empty then you can create your own using the folder structure above and copying the relevant files into it.

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