How to convert an image's colorspace on download

Please note that the colourspace functionality described in this article was added in version 3.695. If you have a version prior to this please upgrade Asset Bank to enable this functionality.

Asset Bank supports three default colourspaces - RGB, CMYK and greyscale (8bpp). Admin users can assign any of these colorspaces to a usage type size. When one of these usage type sizes is selected by a user the image will automatically be converted to the selected colorspace.

By default only the RGB colourspace is enabled on advanced download (allowing users to select an RGB conversion when downloading a CMYK image). However, you can also enable CMYK and greyscale on download by updating the ColorSpace table and setting the flag ShowOnDownload to true. This applies to both single download and downloading from the lightbox.

If you host Asset Bank internally you will be able to make these database changes however if we host Asset Bank for you please contact support so that the changes can be made for you.

New colourspace profiles can be added by editing the ColorSpace table. Please ensure that the three default rows are left intact (do not delete these as they are required by the system to function correctly). However, new colorspaces can be added to the database.

Please assign the colourspace the next available Id number, provide it with a description, enable ShowOnDownload if you wish users to be able to select it when downloading an image, provide the path to the profile file which should be relative to Asset Bank’s root directory and finally make sure that the inserted entry has a ColorSpaceConstant value selected from the following list:

If the colour profile is...

RGB = 1

Grayscale = 2

CMYK = 12

For other colour profile types, contact Asset Bank support for the appropriate constant to use.

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