Downloading the contact sheet as a PDF file

In order to create a PDF of the Contact Sheet, Asset Bank uses the existing 'print' stylesheet (print.css). This style sheet is used to generate a HTML file of the 'Contact Sheet'.

To generate the PDF file Asset Bank uses a tool called 'wkhtmltopdf'. We currently recommend version 0.10.0_rc2 of the tool which is a standalone application available here:

For Windows, the application should already exist and be available on the system path in <tomcat home>\webapps\asset-bank\WEB-INF\manager-config\win-tools directory.

On Linux and OSX the file needs to be placed in the PATH. (e.g. /usr/bin).

In order for Asset Bank to show this option enter the PATH in the property ‘wkhtmltopdf-path‘ in By default the value is 'wkhtmltopdf', assuming the install is Windows based.

Please check the relevant help page for more information on configuring this functionality.

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