Configuring storage devices

Asset Bank supports the configuration of storage devices through the admin interface (from version 3.317). This enables one or more devices to be specified for storing asset files and system files generated by Asset Bank. Asset Bank can use any drive accessible to the server e.g. a local drive or UNC network drive. It is recommended that system files be stored on a local drive for performance reasons.

Add a new storage device and lock the existing one:

  • Login as an admin user
  • Go to Admin > System > Storage Devices
  • Select the type of device to add (File System, Amazon S3 or Database from the drop down list and click the ‘Add >>' button
  • Specify a name to identify the device and select which type of files should be stored on this new device. It is recommended that if the device isn't local to the server then only asset files are stored in the new device for performance reasons.
  • Select the path for the for storage within the device and populate the other details requested (the details needed will be dependent on the type of device being added - i.e. an authentication key and secret key are needed for an S3 device). A maximum space restriction can be set for the device (once full, Asset Bank will attempt to store files on the next available device). The device should be set as unlocked so that it is used immediately.
  • After saving the new device edit the existing storage device so that it is locked.
Relocate an existing storage device:
  • Take a backup of your application files and database
  • Login to Asset Bank as an admin user
  • Go to Admin > System > Storage Devices
  • Make a note of the directory path of the storage device you want to relocate
  • Click edit next to the storage device in question
  • Locate the directory specified by the storage device on your hardware and move to it's new location
  • Back on the edit page for the storage device in question, change the path specified to match the new path to the assets directory that you just moved (if you are relocating assets to a Amazon S3 storage device or database then a new storage device will need to be set up for the new location and the old one locked).
  • Save the storage device.
  • [Reindex the existing assets]

Use multiple devices to store files:

Asset Bank can be configured to use multiple devices to store files. Add the new devices as specified in the first section above but ensure you select the maximum space that the device can hold. Then, when the device becomes full the next available device will be used.

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