How do I configure "Video Keywords"

Note:Video keyword functionality is a Premium Feature, and is available from version 3.1019 of Asset Bank. Premium Features can be purchased separately. (See pricing page.)
Asset Bank requires a standalone GNU GPL v2 application, flvmeta, to create meta data which is used to create video keywords for video content which is available here:

For Windows, the flvmeta.exe needs to be put in the <tomcat home>\webapps\asset-bank\WEB-INF\manager-config\win-tools directory and this path added to the Windows system path variable.

On Linux and OSX, download the source code bundle and follow the instructions in the file to build and install the binary. Once installed, flvmeta will be placed in the PATH /usr/local/bin.

Check flvmeta works by running flvmeta -V which should print out the version and copyright, e.g. first line of output:

flvmeta 1.1-r235
Now edit Asset Bank's to have the two highlighted properties set
(This is for Windows, for MacOS X or Linux replace flvmeta.exe with /usr/local/bin/flvmeta):

# Enable the use of Video Keywords to jump to a specific time in a video preview.
# Note: Required data storage and network bandwidth will increase if set to true.
# (The FLV size increases as keyframes and FLV MetaData will be added to the file.
# HTTP pseudo streaming will be enabled which will mean more HTTP calls from browser to server.)


# Path to the flvmeta tool that adds time/keyframe MetaData to a Flash Video File (*.flv) with keyframes (ffmpeg -g option).
# Default assumes that the flvmeta.exe file location (in the WEB-INF\manager-config\win-tools directory)
# has been added to the system path variable.


Also check that flv is set here:

# The format of the video preview clip that's embedded in the page:

Ensure the preview clip duration is greater than your longest video to be able to keyword the entire video.
For example a duration of 2 hrs:

#The duration, in seconds, of the preview clip:
Also it is useful for video keywording to increase the size of the preview player to 500x320 by updating these settings:

# What width should the flash player be shown at?
# What height should the flash player be shown at?

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