Configure Asset Bank for SCP / SFTP

When using secure file transfer protocols (SCP / FFTP) Asset Bank can be set up to use a given list of known hosts to verify hosts authenticity or ignore this check.

For security reason we strongly recommend to use a known hosts file, hence keep the setting in

If you decide to use known host file then you must set the property known-hosts-file to the path where the file lives (e.g. on Cygwin would be "C:/cygwin/home/User/.ssh/known_hosts").

Note that an incorrect configuration will lead to a 'connection' error when Asset Bank tries to use the secure protocol.

How do I get the "known hosts" file for Asset Bank?

Open a terminal window (Unix/Mac) or a Cygwin terminal (Windows) and type
ssh <the host you want to connect to>

The first time you SSH that host you will be warned that "The authenticity of host can't be established", and you will be asked to continue connecting. When choosing 'yes' the host name will be stored in the known hosts list which can be retrieved in:

Then you just need Asset Bank to point to that file using the known-hosts-file setting.

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