How do I configure the Document Editor Plug-in?

The Document Editor Plug-in provides seamless integration between Asset Bank and the desktop applications used to edit files such as Word, Photoshop and InDesign documents. It speeds up the process by which documents stored in Asset Bank can be downloaded to a user’s local computer, edited in a desktop application and then resubmitted to Asset Bank.

Note: the InDesign Editor Plug-in is a Premium Feature, and is available from version 3.1172 of Asset Bank. Premium Features can be purchased separately. (See pricing page)

If you want to use the plug-in to make it easier for your users to edit InDesign files then see Using the InDesign Editor Plug-in. If you want to enable the plug-in for other files then please see below.

The Document Editor Plug-in can be used to make it easier for users to edit any file that is stored in Asset Bank (as an asset) if:

  • Only that file is required for the user to edit it, i.e. it doesn't have dependencies on other files (i.e. like InDesign documents do, although we have a solution to that particular issue - see above).
  • A user has a desktop editor installed and configured as the default program to edit files of that type.
  • A user has Java 6 or 7 installed in their browser. See using the Client Side Editor on a Mac

To enable this functionality for a particular file extension then add that extension to the following setting in Asset Bank's file:


Multiple extensions should be delimited using ; (a semi-colon)

For example, if you wanted to enable the Document Editor Plug-in so that Word, PowerPoint and Photoshop files can be edited using it, you would change the setting to:


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