How do I configure "Browse by keywords"

All of it is done through the front end in terms of building up the actual keywords. To manage keywords Go to Admin > Attributes and find the relevant 'Keywords' Attribute and click on [edit keywords].

To activate 'Browse by Keywords' you have to edit the following setting in <tomcat home>\webapps\asset-bank\WEB-INF\classes\

keyword-browse-page-id=%relevant IDs comma separated%

To find out the ID numbers go to the Admin menu > Attributes section and locate your 'Keyword' attribute.

Click on [edit keywords] in the address bar of your browser find the categoryTypeId='%some number%' variable.

The number mentioned here is the one keyword-browse-page-id in the above settings file wants to know.

Search against an attribute of type 'keyword picker' to use wildcards by default.

Under the keyword taxonomy if the ‘hide-all-tab-keyword-picker’ is configured to true only then the ‘All’ category will be available. By default the value is true.

The ‘keyword picker’ option list the available keyword in the system and in order to filter selected once from them, a ‘Filter’ textbox has been provided where the user can enter text and the table below shall update according to the typed text in the textbox.

NOTE: Only when the hierarchical feature is enable in the shall the ‘Parent’ column show, the parameter is ‘keywords-select-by-hierarchy’ Tomcat or the webapp will have to be restarted for the settings change to take effect.

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