How do I configure Asset Bank for SSL?

Although it is possible to configure Tomcat itself to use SSL (and there is documentation available online about this), we recommend using a web server as the process of configuring IIS or Apache for SSL is well documented.

Asset Bank will work equally well with IIS or Apache - we recommend using whichever web server your IT team are most familiar with. We find that most clients using a Windows server use IIS, while those on Linux use Apache (IIS is Windows only!)

Please see for how to configure either Apache or IIS to work with Tomcat.
Once you have the web server running fine (on port 80) then you just need to configure the web server for SSL - you don‘t need to do anything within Tomcat. There is a lot of information about it online e.g. see:
If you are using LDAP then Asset Bank can continue to connect to your LDAP server over HTTP. This will be fine assuming that your LDAP server is secure, for example behind your firewall. However, if you do want Asset Bank to connect to the LDAP server over SSL (and you have configured the LDAP server to accept SSL connections) then this is possible. Please see point 1.6 on this page:

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